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Planning Board

Contact information

Shawn L Cotter, L.S.
2716 County Road #47
Canandaigua, NY 14424


(585) 394-0036, ext. 8


(585) 394-8714


Meeting Schedule - 2024 Calendar

Scheduled (subject to change) 2024 tentative Calendar - Monthly Every 4th Monday @ 7:00 PM

February 26, March 25, April 22, May 23 (Thursday), June 24, July 22, August 26, September 23, October 28, November 25, December 19 (Thursday)

Term Members & Expirations

ONE BOARD MEMBER & ALTERNATE POSITION IS AVAILABLE....Please contact Town Clerk Denise Hood if interested.

Members all serve a Seven Year Term.

2022 Salary: Annual Stipend $200 + Each meeting attended as a voting PB member $80

Average meetings per year 11-12 *

Average Meeting time 1-3 hours, depending on agenda items.

  • Planning Board Chairman, James Bator. Term Expiration 12/31/2025
  • Planning Board Member, Phil Bassage. Term Expiration 12/31/2026
  • Planning Board Member, Ryan Bruzda. Term Expiration 12/31/2027
  • Planning Board Member, Vacant. Term Expiration 12/31/2028
  • Planning Board Member, Sylvia Moore. Term Expiration 12/31/2029
  • Planning Board Member, Nick Sergeant. Term Expiration 12/31/2024
  • Planning Board Member, Allan Wesche. Term Expiration 12/31/2030
  • Planning Board Member, Duane LaPlant. Planning Board Alternate

Open Applications - See Monthly agendas

Keaton Edwards - Site Plan Application PZ-2024-001 - 3455 Gehan Rd - TM 99.00-2-13.000

Agendas, Minutes, and Public Hearing Notices

Minutes are not posted until final approval has been made by Planning Board.


PB January 22 2024 Minutes with Attachments

PB February 26 2024 Minutes

PB March 25 2024 Agenda

PB April 22 2024 Agenda/Public Hearing

Prior Year Minutes

2023 Planning Board Minutes

2022 Planning Board Minutes

2021 Planning Board Minutes

2020 Planning Board Minutes

Powers and Duties of TOH Planning Board

The Planning Board shall have the powers and duties as specified

Ontario County Planning Board

Vacancy - Town Representative for Ontario County Planning Board - Term Expiration 4/17/2024

The Ontario County Planning Board reviews certain zoning and planning actions prior to the final decision made at the village, town, or city level and makes a recommendation to the municipality. Although CPB review is required, the action is advisory in nature and can be overridden at the local level (super majority if a denial).

NYS law spells out the types of actions reviewed by the CPB:

  • Adoption or amendment of zoning regulations (text and/or map)
  • Site plan approvals
  • Special use permits
  • Variances
  • "Any special permit, exception, or other special authorization which a board of appeals, planning board or legislative body is authorized to issue under the provisions of any zoning ordinance"
  • Subdivisions

NYS law specifies that CPB is required for the above actions to occur on real property lying within a distance of 500 feet from any: boundary of any city, village, or town boundary of any existing or proposed county or state park or other recreation area, right-of-way of any existing or proposed county or state parkway, thruway, expressway, road or highway, existing or proposed right-of-way of any stream or drainage channel owned by the county or for which the county has established channel lines existing or proposed boundary of any county or state owned land on which a public building or institution is situated.

Membership consists of one representative from each of the 16 towns and 2 cities selected by the town board or city council and formally appointed by the Board of Supervisors for terms of 5 years. Members representing a town, also represent any village(s) located with the town.